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Truly bespoke furniture-design is a process where the clients are able to commission exactly what they would like with the help of the expertise of an experienced designer.

3d computer aided design software (3d-CAD) is useful to both designer and client to produce ideas in visual virtual reality. All aspects can be adjusted until the ideal result has been achieved before committing to physical construction.

Many furniture design companies use CAD software which is fixed to their own furniture design ranges.

At A&C Designs Ltd. We use software which is not limited so we can provide a service which is fully bespoke.

We normally produce a simplified version with a quotation to begin with as part of our initial consultation For a consultation, please see our contact-us page.

The painted cupboards with bookcase and drawers shown below, were made after several stages of CAD development, as shown by the three images above-left.

Alan Cooper has a well equipped rural workshop near Aylesbury from which he and his fellow crafts-people at Alan Cooper Cabinetmaker Ltd can bring your dreams to reality.

Above: Radiator cabinet design  3D CAD render.

Below: Photo of  the installed furniture made in cherry wood with a  lightly stained finish.

3d CAD designs which are able to be rendered at various quality levels help customers to imagine more effectively what the furniture will look like and develop the design details before committing to them being made.

Left: bespoke cherry and walnut handles constructed after developing the design from our virtual CAD prototypes as shown in the example above.

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